Next to her (Death)

Don't know if I come or go
from this hell disguised as eden
truth is I don't know what I own
I just notice lives been beaten

Chains of silence enclose my soul
my damn world seems to be raped
follow howls from the unknown
remmember everyone has a fate

Only death lives on it's way
breeded waiting is draining me
at least calmed don't know why
next to her I will see (set me free, you wouldn't live>

Pleasure of the loneliness
sucking me while I've been waiting
just looking for rewarded sadness
turn your head everyone is hating

Like a dove in a peaceful flight
everyone would like to feel
but you know they fall dead from high
to me all the world seems so unreal


The story tried to tell the truth
What will the teller hide inside
those men tried to find their roots
unopposed they ment no harm

Mindless they tried to understand
Couldn't dare mentally blind
don't try to find the end
the clouds will move ahead
as they fell from grace The story ends itself

opposed again
a mindless search leads to the end
mind against soul
they failed to see as the lies begun

where are they now hope in pain
Maybe they tried to find the end again
It is life and can't be dreamed away

The meaningless story

It all seems but real
the emptiness with no sorrow
reckon of your will
the past will be erased by tomorrow

Tried to keep my mind away
Waiting the burn comes again

In the realm of the night come and light my way
take no remorse for what's left
tried to take it but things just ended by then

Yon've been taken here
as a proof of your right
you may ruin it all
again foreshadowed this lie

Tried to keep my mind away
From the meaningless story an idiot has told

Speed of a Life

Running as fast as you can
when your hunted by death
Nothing is falling but sand
Wait to meet your social threat

The machinebrain's coming in for the kill
To the game to your selfish hell
The pain is our eternal feel
The pain is just a good old pal

Speeding back to life
Dying just for fun

Time is fading away
feel a burn in your head
A psychedelic state of mind
Tell me what's the speed of your life

Scarred beliefs beyond your mind
and sacred visions of our fates
Blink of an eye, say goodbye
To learn to live is not too late...yet

I saw you Burning
I saw you Suffering
I saw you Waiting
Now I see you Dying

My Own Hell

when I realize that you were gone,
Didn't know what to think of me
when I realize all the strong,
all the strong you made me feel...I started to live

When I realize that all would end,
My beliefs burned in my mind
When I realize I could defend,
Was to late, I had no time... I had no time

Don't know why's the wait,
and how you wanna live,
If you don't have any faith
Don't know who I betrayed,
Can't be myself,
Is this my own hell ?

When I realize that I was used,
It's so frustrating you can't believe
When I realize I was seduced,
The more the pain the more close to your lips... close to your lips

When I realize I couldn't trust,
Things went worse
When I realize that I could cross,
God damn it! I forgot my horse

Lost soul

Once I hear the voice
you cannot imagine the same thing
anymore about truth and lies, many ilusions

Live and disappear
Live and carry on, as long
What's real about all this
an inside voice keeps asking
As hard as you try to reveal
You only notice time's been burned
As long as you might have lived
You refused to believe

Lost in a place without a name
Roots from your soul are digged on a holyfield
and the brilliant moon just shadows your way

No matter what, there'll be a next day
I liked the things I used to see
But ended up driven far away
No more excuses it might be
the next thing in my head

Try and control your
own consumption avoid the pain that we must feel
Ideas fall from dreams you crushed away
then there's no way you can expect

chorus 2:
Stop and hear the rumor of silent scream
and the souls cry out their names
Roots from your soul are now engraved

 Zombiecized in mirrors

Hold your breath and start seeing
the truth of our race
Grab a gun and start bleeding
it's nothing new in these days
I don't think you can recognize
the word "peace"
Let me take you where heart is cold as ice
That's where you belong, you pathetic being

Find what's beyond your pain
"love" is turning to "Hate"
Cry and kiss the killing knife
"Hate" is turning to "Life"

I don't know why
My heart's so blind
You were supposed to love me
You were supposed to kill me

Feel my hand and start believing
in me and in my shame
Choose the way and start screaming
you don't even know your name
I don't think that you're a god
not even a man
You don't realize you're carrying a flag
what do you mean "HELP ME"? I don't think I can


Zombieziced in mirrors
Can't wait for you to leave
Oh this land of fake heroes
Who's to blame but me

Reveal this pain

You have struggled all these years
for me to have a wealthy life
the only being on earth who cared
for that abandoned child

Then you made the drastic turn
in my old senseless destiny
you made know that I owe you
everything for what I am now

I was never able to reveal
The truth procreated in me

The day you started touchng me
I didn't know what to think

Unatached hands
Can make harm no more
Unatached parts
My will was ment to hold

Wounds mend scars I have
As blood has stopped it's running
I dream that my redish hands
will grip and tear your soul

Grip and tear - Grip and tear your soul

Reveal this pain

90 minutes

Your hand's a way but is not the only one
The cold sweat, the voice from the wind's not gone
Crimson thougths, don't let'em reach your mind
Egocentric feelings and whispers full of lies

Hands on pills
Hands on guns
90 minutes
A Life has gone
Selfish brain, a reckless walk
Strange reactions, ID change
A life not lived, a door yet locked
A stupid complex, a moral range

Afraid of life and making love with death
Wake up, I don't want to hear your last breath
Live your destiny or change it, is at your will
I've been where you are, and it was my worst thrill

A Snake Tale

Damn, I think I'm only dreaming
Open up your mouth I wanna see your fangs
Open up your souI wanna see nothing
Have no shame, no remorse, so I'm ready to slam

The tale starts here in my fist
The tale ends here in my fist

A hand with no regrets
Nevermind your brain, I wanna see your heart
Reply paid not, I wanna rip your chest
Life's just another poker game and you picked the wrong card

The story is meaningless in my mind
The story is so heartless in my mind

This is a tale about wrong and right
A life about lies and truth
A tale about being dead and alive
if you attack, go for the wound
I only see black and white

A life starts here in my head
A life ends here in my head

Burn these wounds and bleed these scars
Open up your hand I wanna see who you are
Open up your heart I wanna see lies
This world's dying you just don't realize

A thought lives here in my dump
A thought dies here in my gun

The Day of the leech

You fucking parasite
stay away from me
you're faceless side to side
that's why you can't see

unlimited stupidity
stealing everybody's life
now you hit with reality
it's not enough to die

Go buy yourself a new life
instead of living from me
Go buy yourself a new life

Survive (If you can)
Survive (don't think you can)
'cause it's the day of the leech

You eat from me
won't let you anymore
you bite the hand that feeds
so afraid to be ignored

unlimited hipocrisy
fucking everybody's life
now you hit with reaIity
it's not enough to die

You always bet what you can't pay
hiding from trouble, you know you'lI be found
No, I won't trust you, no, not again
you liar leech, how come you're still alive.

3 years of bullshit

Mente Normal

Dime que es sentirse normal
para poder contradecirte
Dime que es sentirse el mejor
para que pueda reirme

"Soy aquella persona normal"
la que nunca existirá
"La perfección, mi virtud principal"
la que nunca existirá

Dices que es una mancha normal
de forma normal
la que tienes en tu vida normal
Dices que es una mancha normal
de forma normal
Si asi fuese
aqui a la vuelta estaría el final

Nadie puede estar a mediación
tarde o temprano te "empujas"
Que no te sorprenda la evolución
apenas va entrando la aguja

Todo en esta vida tiene un color
un defecto, una piedra que arrojar
Tu jamás verás en mi interior
a otra persona gritar


Dices que es una mancha normal
de forma normal
lo que sea que signifique ser normal

Fuerte y débil

Ser fuerte me hace sentir débil
frustración cuando lo tienes todo
un corazón seco y estéril
estaré más limpio si me tiro al lodo

Oh, no voy a correr
Oh, mi puño no va a caer

No eres más que yo
no creer es no saber
Tu eres más que yo
Dios, dime que hacer
Fuerte y débil soy yo

Ser fuerte te hace sentir débil
cuando sabes que caerás
todo te hace sentir un imbécil
cuando crees que no podrás

Oh, no voy a ser uno más
Oh, no iré a donde tú irás

Contra (el ojo del hombre)

No he descifrado la estupidez
que se huele a mi alrededor
Son imágenes postizas,
eso es lo que hipnotiza al espectador

Cae como lluvia lo causante de todo
en ves de mojarte te informa a su modo
"manipúlame" dices saber lo que siento
"quiero hilos en mi mente y seguir tu juego"

No lo veas, No lo prendas, No lo creas

Contra (el ojo del hombre)
Contra (ti)

Dime que hacer no tengo voluntad
gritas, gritas no sabes que hacer
una buena dosis de plasticidad
y tus venas saborean ese placer

La fórmula funciona y así seguirá
predecible mente, caerá
ellos saben lo que quieres y te lo darán
dales tu voluntad y sé uno más

Poder Mental

Tanta injusticia contra mi
Yo sé que tú vas a sufrir
Sin sentimientos ni razón
Se te desangra el corazón
Mi mente sufre convulsión
A través de esta situación
Mi coeficiente crece a mil
Tú gritarás hasta morir.

Venganza - Contra alguien que será condenado
Venganza - Sufrimiento y dolor, sangre y ardor
Venganza - A través de mi mente te voy a aniquilar
Venganza - Venganza, a través de mi...

Poder mental (x4)

Tanta fuerza anormal
Que desarrolla mi mentalidad
Después de tí
Destruiré a la humanidad


No soy más libre
y no me voy a castigar
Tú siempre solo y triste
nunca me verás llorar
Una y otra vez
me reflejo en la misma situación
el mismo espejo
que parte toda la visión

Sin razón por que
yo tenga que escuchar rasguños
de lo que es mi ser, mi fé,
mi propia voluntad
Lo que me engañe
no confundirá a lo interior
guardado como fé sentimiento, pensamiento

Tiempo...sin razón
Tiempo...para escapar

Tranquilo, ya casi acaba
lo que empezaste
No lograste nada
De que sirvió
solo empeoraste
Fronteras, que destruyen sueños
y destruyen realidad
Tú siempre solo y triste
y nunca me verás llorar.


No entiendo como salir
Salir de este lugar
Dices que me tienes que explotar
por el miedo de no voltear, de no ver atrás

Soy tu dios solo por morir
Soy tu dios siempre hice nada, nada por subir

Es un mundo inmerso
una situación
es la inocencia
es tu intención

Buscando como salir
Esperamos entre sueños

Revelando el dolor

Te has esforzado durante años
para que nunca falte nada
el único ser que le ha
importado esa niña abandonada

luego vino el cambio
nació el demente en tu interior
me haces saber que yo te debo
por todo lo que ahora soy

Nunca fui capaz de revelar
la verdad marcada dentro de mi

Has roto todo lo que soy
mi sangre es fruto para tu interior

Nunca más podrás saborear mi dolor
detente y pisa frio
bajo tierra queda tu error

Dejaste una sola cicatriz
mi sangre, tu sangre ha dejado de circular
sueño que mis manos rojas
se limpian al vete morir

La lengua de oro

Sé lo que estas pensando
que soy solo otro hombre
si, oíste bien, solo otro hombre
al que estas extrañando

Me habías pintado de oro
sin saber que solo era pintura
si, oíste bien, solo era pintura
siendo infeliz aún me ignoro

Mi naturaleza nadie me la quita
Mi naturaleza solo te evita

tu alma estaba muy sola
yo soy quien perdón implora
jamás podré enfréntame a ti
abre mis costillas y verás que mentí

Nunca olvidaré esa mirada
no existí en ese instante
siempre cargaré esa mirada
estoy muerto de ahora en adelante

La rutina erótica lo era todo
porque soy solo otro hombre
si, oíste bien, solo otro hombre
para el que fuiste la lengua de oro


Sucio, tirado, inmóvil, mirada perdida
Solo, impuro, hueco, mente escondida

No tengo pensado vivir este día ni un segundo más
No vale la pena seguir una vida que camina hacia atrás

No más sermones, no más de mí mismo
estoy cansado de verme a la cara
y solo ver que estoy en un abismo
que voy directo a la nada

Dos, soy dos
la culpa es tuya
Dos, soy dos
mi vida es nula

Triste, engañado, seco, pistola en mano
Enfermo, rechazado, pálido, vida ya no te aguanto

Ve en el espejo y verás de lo que hablo
yo no vivo en fantasías
aburrido siempre harto de lo falso
simplemente soy realista

Le doy la espalda a un mundo exprimido
no se la doy a mí mismo (o sí)
ya no recuerdo las veces que he caído
por creer siempre en lo mismo

Otra vez tú ya no te quiero ver

La culpa es tuya (x3)
Si, la culpa es mía
y mía es tu vida

Frasco N°1

Un ambiente desolado
un maniquí tratando de vivir
el circo ha iniciado

La disyuntiva florece
una vida que depende de ello
y al parecer ya oscurece

Días, más días
Hermetismo involuntario
Y mis ojos lloran lagrimas vacias

Pero no puedo luchar contra mi
y no quiero luchar contra mi
no se luchar contra mi
Quizás tú lo sabes y no lo quieres decir


El silencio abruma todo lo que veo
y a quien le importará
si lo imposible es lo que deseo

Un ambiente desolado
Un maniquí tratando de vivír
el circo no ha terminado

Días, más días...